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College Design Studio Work

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Thesis -
Phenomenology of Place

"Architecture revolves around the experiential phenomena - driven by a concept, a thread which holds all the manifold parts of a project together"
-Steven Holl


Exploration of "enmeshed experience" in which space, light, color, geometry, detail and material intertwine; the visual and tactile manner in which architecture engages our senses.


Site is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Program consists of a hiker's shelter with a solar and hydraulic powered sauna.

Modular Elementary School

3rd Year Design Studio

The premise of the exercise was to create a system to accomodate student population size fluctuations from year to year.  The project revisited the idea of the modular classroom, wherein the school could swiftly add or deduct classrooms as needed.  Unused, deconstructed classroom componants could then be stored on site for future use.  


The design approach utilized concepts of layering to expand and contract with the needs of the school.  Multiple core atriums act as anchors for the classroom pods as well as provide greenspace during winter months.

Park & Information Center

2nd Year Design Studio

Design proposal to provide indoor & outdoor classroom/ performance space for the local community in Syracuse, NY as well as a park information center and offices for the preservation staff.

Campus News Stand

2nd Year Design Studio

Study to provide a focal point within the main Quad at Syracuse University.  Designed to sell a multitude of international periodicals and to prompt awareness beyond the bounds of one's immediate environment.  The structure spans the main pathway bisecting the Quad.  Students pass through the interstitital spaces on their way to class.  The forms of the deconstructed box provide windbreaks from Syracuse's harsh winter climate, fostering social interaction.  A wall for declaration is set beyond the stand providing space for notices & posters on one side and is slate on the other with chalk provided for passersby to add their thoughts.

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